We reduce monthly recurring consumer expenses

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What we do
We have 1 primary goal: to reduce monthly recurring consumer expenses. Easy and safe: cost reduction in 5 minutes.

To achieve this we work via our own brands and we cooperate with a lot of partners. Our partners can use our platform and our knowledge to help their communities.

For suppliers we fulfill two main goals in their strategy: the acquisition of new customers or the renewal of the contracts of the existing ones. Our mutual success is based on two things: on our group method which generates and convinces customers with the preferred profile and on our operational organization. This results in low total acquisition costs.
Our 5 key principles
  1. We realise relevant and recurring benefits
  2. We clarify markets and products
  3. We arrange it completely online
  4. We make it free, safe, simple and effective
  5. We support using e-mail, chat and call-back
Our method
We generate the best offers for consumers.

We are proud of our own developed reverse auction model. Since 2009 we successfully reduce monthly recurring expenses in several product categories.

In our auctions suppliers are bidding against each other online. The bidding continues until the best and thus winning offer is determined. This offer is then presented to large groups of registered consumers.

Besides the auctions we offer the best deals for products and/or services which are paid on a monthly basis. Our platforms present mainly private lease deals for cars and ebikes.
CR5 arranges better rates and conditions in different product categories. With a clear focus on products and services which are a relevant part of monthly consumer expenses. Besides that; these costs are recurring and relatively intransparent.
Paying less for exactly the same gas and electricity. Simple as that! We also clarify it, so people understand what they pay for.

Since our start in 2009, we have generated over 50 auction results. Together with our partners we help consumers to lower their energy bill.
Private lease
Since 2014 we offer consumers the best deals for a new car or a new e-bike. Specifically offers based on payments on a monthly basis. All-in prices which include insurance, maintenance and services are more and more popular. Using a product instead of owning it.

Worldwide we are the only company which generates such offers via reverse auctions.
Every month the expense recurs, the invoice for our cell phone. We focus on generating better offers for sim only without a new cell phone. Fully based on our reverse auction model.

Worldwide we are the only company which generates cell phone offers this way.
Founded in 2009, our brand groepsveiling.nl has successfully reduced monthly recurring consumer expenses for many thousands of households. We have organized over 50 reverse auctions.

We specifically offer better terms for monthly recurring costs. Key products are energy, mobile and private leasing. After establishing a solid market position in The Netherlands, we are expanding with new brands and to other European countries. In all countries we operate with our own brands, but also based on active partnerships. In this way we cooperate with organizations who represent a large number of consumers. Which can be members, clients, personnel or followers.

The cooperations result in an effective combination of communities, suppliers and our platform. 
The Netherlands
We organize reverse auctions. Suppliers bid against each other in an online auction. The consumers can benefit from the outcome of the auction. Based on our own brand groepsveiling.nl we cooperate with many endorsing partners and we facilitate it for communities and companies. Among our trusted partners are well-known organizations such as EBAY (Marktplaats), De Persgroep, Sanoma, TMG/De Telegraaf, NRC Media and Consumentenbond.

SLOOPdeCRISIS.nl focuses on the power of the collective. Together in action for the lowest fixed rates! A household can save significantly on energy costs, health insurance, mobile, all-in-one (TV, Internet and Phone) car and property insurance. We make these savings possible by organizing an auction and / or collective.

With our website maandprijs.nl we offer consumers attractive deals for private lease. In this way they can find the lowest monthly price for a new car or a new ebike. We display solely the best offers which are based on ‘all-in’ monthly payments which include insurance, taxes, maintenance and services.
Spain is completely different from a country like The Netherlands. Using our reverse auction method, we are opening, creating and developing a new market. Already we have organized auctions for energy and mobile. We will rapidly be expanding with new products. 

In Spain we work mainly through endorsed campaigns with partners like OCU, Expansion.com and HelpMyCash. The focus will be on cooperating with partners to organize reverse auctions for their communities.
T.C. (Jack) van der Steen
Founder & CEO
F.M. (Friso) Jiskoot
E. (Erik) Kooistra
J.M. (Jeroen) Bus
Directeur Nederland
J.R.I. (Rob) Hulleman
Manager Operations
T. (Tjeerd) van der Veen
H.R. (Erika) Pater
Manager Service Contact Center
M. (Maxim) Visser
Manager Financial Products
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